The excitement is building!

In Surrey, B.C., a Library by Bing Thom – in Architects & Artisans, Aug 16, 2011

Photo Tour – by Paul  Hillsdon, Aug 16, 2011


2 Responses to The excitement is building!

  1. Kyle Fairfield says:

    I am disappointed at the decision to use public tax dollars to promote the Muslim religion.

    The Surrey Leader reported today (Aug 18) that in the new Library there is a dedicated meditation room that faces north-east to be used for Muslims to pray in.

    – Who decided to include this room in the design? Was it politically motivated, and by whom? Did money change hands between organized religion and the City of Surrey to allow this?
    – Was due public process followed in public consultation in this decision?
    – What learning space was given up to accommodate this religion?
    – What is the cost of the space in the overall $30,000,000 price tag?

    Thank you.

    • nkuppal says:

      Dear Mr. Fairfield –
      Thank you for your comments. The meditation room was designed as a quiet space for anyone to use, whether for quiet contemplation, prayer or as ‘time-out’ space for a parent and child. Over the years, we have had requests for a space such as this from our customers. At this new location we were able to accommodate this request.

      The room itself is quite small – about 4’ by 4’. No money changed hands so that this quiet space could be built.

      Best regards,

      Melanie Houlden
      Deputy Chief Librarian

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